Bare beauty #ThursdayTreeLove

Duke Farms in Central New Jersey is a gorgeously landscaped farmland where you can wander amidst tall grasses and great trees . Even in the winter , with their branches bare, the trees have a surreal beauty like this majestic Sycamore . The peeling bark makes this a messy tree to grow in one’s garden… Read More Bare beauty #ThursdayTreeLove


Save water with#CuttingPaani and #Livpure

Why save water ? Well, for several days now, this video clip has been doing the rounds. I’m sure you’ve seen it too.¬† In case you think¬† this is far away from your reality, think again. A few days ago, the following graphic appeared in a Bangalore newspaper. Source Aha! Says you who are not… Read More Save water with#CuttingPaani and #Livpure


Reflections #WordlessWednesday

Capturing a reflection … Read More Reflections #WordlessWednesday


A sad attempt at a video blog

I peeled an apple perfectly this morning. The continuous peel inspired me to make a video blog post. After three desperate attempts it still didn’t come out perfect. Perhaps I should call it how to shoot the perfect flop show ! Incidentally this is my first blog post from the air ! Yes I’m flying… Read More A sad attempt at a video blog


Skies from New Jersey #SkywatchFriday

These will possibly be my last skies from New Jersey as I head back home this weekend. The sun has been playing truant most of the days I was here . And on the days it did appear, the outside was still too cold for me . I will miss these skies when I go… Read More Skies from New Jersey #SkywatchFriday