It all started with Eleanor Oliphant.

I seem to be getting more and more into a mess these days. As you all know, I began blogging just for a lark. I literally jumped into the pond without knowing how to swim. Gradually, the pond became an ocean and I still didn’t know how to swim. At best, I realised,  I had …


Monsoon Sunset #SkywatchFriday

Today was a dull day for me as I was home bound with Conjunctivitis. This is one of the hazards of the monsoon like Leptospirosis, Malaria and Dengue . Or you could choose to get a plain cough and cold . I didn’t choose any of these but conjunctivitis chose me ! So I sat …



So I’m having issues with my iPhone and WordPress Are you?


Deceptive perspective #ThursdayTreeLove

Life isn’t always what it seems


Do I look like a football?

With the current FIFA fever my mother -in law only sees footballs these days. She mistook this very still cat for a football left downstairs by one of the children ! This is my first time with Debbie Smyth’s #SixWordSaturday. This cat surely doesn’t want to be kicked around!