Reflected in Granite

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Just after the rains the air is so clear that it looks as though all the dust particles have been washed away. Taking advantage of these clear skies, I took an amazing photograph this week :

Clouds reflected in the granite 

 Of course like most things in life, this picture happened by pure chance. I balanced my camera on the granite ledge in the balcony just to steady my hand and voila : this most amazing speckled cloud reflected in the shiny black surface.

cloud patterns

 The unusual November sky was too wonderful to pass up so I grabbed this scene forever.

More cloud patters across the bay

 Huge clouds loomed overhead threatening to break into rain but luckily the sun kept shining and we enjoyed a perfect day – warm sunny and just right.

Wisps of cloud casting a shadow on a clear blue sea

My favourite towers against a cloudy sky

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  1. Awesome captures! It is amazing how we sometimes get an incredible shot by accident! Your first one is a great example! Terrific! Hope you have a lovely weekend!Sylvia

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