Another Sunday on Marine Drive

As the sun slowly sank into the sea, a microcosm of society was enjoying the unseasonal South Westerly cool breezes coming into the bay. While most people were walking or strolling on Marine Drive, there were a few who were actually lying down on the parapet warming themselves in the mild January sun. Some of the sun worshippers also included dogs who unmindful of the pampered pedigree pooches prancing about on their leashes, revelled in the joys of being free to do what they wanted. 

The parapet was crammed with people sitting around eating munchies sold by the vendors walking up and down : peanuts, cut fruit, candy floss, roasted gram carried in huge baskets hanging from their necks. With photography becoming even more accessible with mobile phones, there were people posing for  photos: groups of friends, tourists and even the occasional hobbyist focussing his lens on the world going by. 

I enjoy walking down this stretch of road all six kilometres of which hug the sea. One of the most beautiful promenades  this city has to offer, it remains my favourite place to go to a place where nothing and everything happens all at once. At one end of the road is a beach full of activity, where people throng in droves to escape from the stultifying atmosphere of their tiny cramped homes, stuffed into buildings almost one on top of he other. Here amongst the crowds people enjoy the privacy of anonymity in a space where everyone is left free to do his own thing.
On Sunday evenings especially at this time of year,
when the seas are calm and the skies are blue, this part of the beach comes alive with boat rides, paragliders and speed boats kicking up water as they cleave through the gentle sea.

 On the pavement you can see people marching purposefully, alone and lost in a meditative trance  pacing to a beat playing only in their ears. There are weekend walkers in groups, friends, families chattering in different tongues while the  occasional tourist stares on in fascination at this whirlwind of slow activity all around him.

This space is shared by children cycling, chasing one another, or couples grabbing a few minutes of privacy in full view of the public. At one end of the promenade I passed a bunch of fierce looking Nihangs with their swords glinting in the fading daylight, while at  the other end I passed a pair of monks dressed in orange robes of their order mingling seamlessly with a thoroughly modern world, taking photos of one another on their mobile phone! Truly Marine Drive is a place that offers a new experience every day of the year

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