A Kochi Sky

Last week I was in Kochi and found a skyline quite different from my usual Mumbai one. Staying on Chittoor Road which is parallel to the city’s main commercial street in the Ernakulam district, the buildings were hardly tall by Mumbai’s standards.

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Sunrise over Kochi

It was lovely to wake up to this dramatic sunrise where the clouds seemed like whiffs of smoke rising up to the sky.

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Connectivity with mobile networks rising up into the sky

This communication tower with all the boosters for mobile networks is the new age sculpture reaching out to the sky

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Kochi still waking up

A gentle pink sunrise over a city that still maintains the charm of a small town

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The Kochi Port Trust Building 

If you are staying in Ernakulam ( as we were) the best way to go to Fort Kochi (where all the sights are ) is by ferry. Cheap, reliable and extremely comfortable, you can enjoy the cool breeze and admire all the fine buildings like this one which we thought initially was a fancy hotel!

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The famous Chinese fishing nets at Fort Kochi

Fish eaters can actually visit these nets and fish their own fish which can be fried on the spot for an unforgettable meal.

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The jetty at Ernakulam

Finally, the sight seeing done, we returned to Ernakulam happy to have made the journey at Rs. 2.50 per person!

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