Noodles, Apple Pies and Fries in Amsterdam

Image for shop selling French Fries
Vlaams Friteshuis Vleminckx which serves the best French Fries in Amsterdam

As an inveterate foodie, I had three items on my menu to during my recent trip to Amsterdam: The best Noodles, Apple Pies and French Fries

The best Fries in Amsterdam

Firstly, French Fries are not French but Flemish ( or Belgian to the initiated) and are found in a tiny street off the mad buzz of Kaalverstraat the street of high fashion off the historic Dam Square. As you make your way past this mad street of shoppers looking for bargains in shoes and jackets, your nose will suddenly be assailed by the strong smell of chips frying . At any given time there is a long line queuing up for the fries which are drowned in the most amazing serving of creamy mayonnaise. [ctt title=”” tweet=”The smallest serving is large enough to leave you stuffed and full, ready to march on ahead for the next hour or so.” coverup=”5gJe8″]

Alas, not for me the BEST fries in Amsterdam but the next best which are to be found right on Damrak opposite the oldest/first stock exchange in the world –  at Manneken Pis giving due credit to the fries’ Belgian origins. But I’m not complaining. With a light drizzle falling, nothing could be more comforting than the slightly crunchy and yummily munchy french fry dipped in creamy mayo.

 Apple Pies in Amsterdam

During his visit to Mumbai, my Dutch friend Marcel had told me that the best apple pie in Amsterdam is in Cafe  Papeneiland, famous for its home made apple pie. It is now even more famous because Bill Clinton bought one specially to take back home with him. Now a Dutch apple pie is truly the best in the world – crisp outer pastry, a tart spicy apple filling and a generous dollop of whipped cream…………But this will have to wait for another time for we truly ran out of time to eat……..

The best Noodles in Amsterdam

I did achieve ONE GOAL :  best Chinese in Amsterdam at  New King smack in the Red Light District in the Chinatown of Amsterdam. Small and cramped though it was, the place was vibrant  with young and old chomping to their hearts’ content. The cuisine was typically Mandarin, the service impeccable and the company divine. So the next time you are in Amsterdam and craving for a bit of noodle go to New King. It won’t hurt to make a reservation though to avoid any disappointment.

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