An appeal to all humans #MondayMusings

Dear Humans

Do you remember that beautiful hymn “All Things Bright and Beautiful?” How many of you have sung this in school? For those of you who haven’t heard of it,  I will play it for you.

Now isn’t that a wonderful song?

Today I am making an appeal to you, dear humans on behalf of all the little creatures.

Well I am a small creature – so small that you can’t see me unless you put me under a microscope. I am Vi Rus  and like my cousin, the Bac Teria,  I am on your hit list. In fact every country on this earth has banned me. There are laws enacted to ensure that I become extinct. There are international conferences where important policy makers, health workers and scientists discuss strategies on how to ‘handle’ creatures like me.

And I am not the only one. There are hundreds of other creatures created by God like us : cockroaches,  mosquitos, flies, bugs, ticks, lice and insects like weevils  who destroy crops . There are all kinds of pesticides and medicines manufactured to make sure that me and my kind are exterminated. No one seems to think that we have the right to live too.

But honestly don’t we?

Why do you humans protest against cruelty towards dogs, cats and now bulls? What about the little creatures like us? We have to really fight hard to survive.

We are essential to the eco system too.

Generation after generation, humans have studied different ways with which to exterminate us. From simple newspapers folded up as swatters to chemical treatments. We are exposed to vaccinations, fogging, chemical sprays and all kinds of ‘inhuman’ methods.

Countless hours have been spent in studying our life cycles and at what stage they can be disrupted so that we can be exterminated forever.

On behalf of the other little creatures, I would request you to save us as well. We deserve gentle handling too.

Thanks for listening to my plea.

Vi Rus.

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