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These Roads aren’t meant for running #Mumbai Marathon 2017

Mumbai’s roads are not for running


Mumbai’s roads are not for running. In fact Mumbai’s road are not for walking either.

And with horrendous traffic jams, dug up roads, pot holes and erratic drivers, murderous BEST drivers, cows, dogs , jay walkers, pedestrians  and  hawkers, Mumbai’s roads aren’t meant for motorists too!

So what are Mumbai’s roads meant for?

[tweetthis display_mode=”box”]It would seem that Mumbai’s roads are for the squatters and road side vendors[/tweetthis]

But, come January at least 42.195 kilometres of those roads are meant for running.

This year as always, The Standard Chartered Marathon saw many Mumbaikars come out on the streets not only to run but also to cheer on the runners. Unlike last year when we were rudely woken up from our early morning slumber by raucous cheer leaders with their drums, whistles, cheers and claps, this year the Marathon went past our road quite unobtrusively.

So when we went down to cheer there was pretty much a lack lustre crowd and some of the participants had to actually egg us on to cheer them because we were too busy wolfing down the samosas and gathias that were available at the Breakfast Station.

I wonder if like all things, the Mumbai Marathon has lost its shine for the fickle minded Mumbaikars who would rather sleep in on a cold Sunday morning in January.

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  1. Sounds like the marathon audience was too well fed and happy to cheer on the runners! I hope that the race went well and that the runners had a good time! Great blog post!

  2. One of my friend went from Bangalore for this marathon and she participated in full marathon i.e 42 km her first full marathon. She was all praise for people of Mumbai who cheered for her as she was about to give up in between. But may be you are right…only few people come out to cheer for others.
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  3. How long has the marathon been going for? Novelty worn off? I think though, from the runners’ point of view, there’s usually a lot of support and camaraderie amongst those who are participating. The cheers help, but the friendly words from passing runners and the general atmosphere make up for lack of cheerers.

    1. The marathon has been going on for 10 years now. Initially there were hundreds of people lining the streets. Then the cheering became more organised with water stations etc . Our building organised a breakfast for the residents who came down to cheer. This became a popular focus for many people down the street. This year even the breakfast didn’t lure them enough…
      but as you mentioned the runners have their own eco system and don’t really need us bystanders to spur them on

  4. One time the Delhi airtel half marathon, had a friend running in it and there were quite a few international runners too who had participated for the first time- the complaint was all the red lights were working; so runners had to stop at each and wait for it to turn green – how ridiculous is that??? This post just reminded me of how disgusted my friend was with that years marathon; and it was on a sunday so they could have managed the traffic lights…
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    1. That’s Delhi! Our Mumbai marathon is so well organised that cars aren’t allowed on the marathon route and even we in our building are pretty much grounded!

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