Clouds in my Mumbai sky #SkywatchFriday

Image for Clouds in my Mumbai sky

Image for Clouds in my Mumbai sky

Waking up this morning I was surprised to see a smattering of grey clouds in my Mumbai sky.For  moment I was struck by the beauty of a pale blue early morning  sky with dashes of grey , the twinkling city lights and the sun trying to break through.

[Tweet “Do grey clouds in March mean less mangoes in May?”]

Clouds are rather unusual for March and doesn’t augur very well for the Mangoes that I intend eating later in April.

After a very short winter we Mumbaikars are experiencing a rather warm March. Suddenly the afternoons have become oppressively hot , reminiscent of summer .

I used to scoff at the old people who used to say that the weather has changed since they were children but now, becoming older myself, I find myself repeating those very same words!

Is it really global warming? Or have my perceptions changed? 

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  1. How beautiful. Mumbai cloud is the pure Kodak moment to be experienced in the present. I vividly remember the sunrise and cloud from my room at Churchgate, giving the view to Marine Drive. Pure bliss.

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