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Cleaning Up ! #Swachhbharatabhiyaan comes home #MondayMusings

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Cleaning up


[Tweet “It’s amazing how a small space can be a big mess.”]

This is evidence that I can get order into my life – even in a small space like the deep freezer!

When I returned home last December after a three month stay  in New Jersey, I was aghast to find the house completely run down and dusty.  I had imagined that without me and the extra work, the househelp would have enough time on their hands to clean up. They did have more time but used it to watch television instead.

It was time to  bring home the  Clean India Campaign ( #swachhBharatAbhigyan) .

Since  my cleaning lady Divya and her Magic Wand are completely ineffective and my own reach limited to just a few inches away from my nose, it made sense to employ a strong young man.

Sadly strong young men are no longer available and willing to do housework . After several attempts I finally got Mr.G who is so earnest that he even vacuums between my toes ( not really) . But I am not complaining because finally my house is gleaming and spotlessly clean.

An internal audit

Apart from getting things in order, cleaning cupboards brings some peace and calm. Unknowingly, we collect stuff that we don’t need and especially for someone like me, most times I used to just keep things out of the way.

“I’ll organise it later,” I used to say to myself and shut the door on what was becoming an unwieldy mess. And with the increasing untidiness, I could feel a sense of inadequacy and loss of control build up.

I realised that from time to time, I need to stand back and take stock of the situation. Almost like an internal audit. Strange as it may sound, the mere physical act of cleaning up is therapeutic .  It is a de-stresser of the best kind!

[Tweet “Cleaning up, clears out cobwebs in the head . It helps get your mind in order not to mention your home and life.”]

This year my Spring Cleaning is done ahead of the spring!

And Yes! #SwachhBharatAbhigyan has finally come home to roost.


Do you find cleaning up restful? 

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  1. I totally agree…cleaning the house, spring cleaning to be exact, is the best therapy! I’m waiting to start mine over the coming week and finish it all by April end as I usually do every year. I love it when every nook and corner gets dusted, sorted and cleaned.

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