Morning Walk in an urban wood

A walk in in the woods

Image of running waterAfter about a year of trying to walk in the morning, I finally managed it today. I accompanied Daughter No 1 to her office and had to stay out of her hair while she got some jobs done so she told me to go for a walk on their campus forest trail.

A forest in the middle of a campus?

That was news to me . This was something I had to check out for myself.

Image for the trail

The forest looked quite dense and scary. Even though the office was in a regular urbanised area, there had been spottings of the occasional bear. As for deer, there were plenty of them scampering around in the day. And it common enough to see them grazing around in your backyard.

Unfounded fears

But once on the trail, I realised that it was far from scary. In actual fact it was calm and peaceful .

Image of wild flowers
It’s been a long time since I walked in the morning and even longer since I walked in such a wooded area.

Image of bark stump with lichen
It was almost magical with the jackdaws crowing in the trees and the tall grasses growing along the path. Tiny yellow flowers, dainty dandelions and some other white flowers I can’t identify popped out of the lush greenery that abounded .

Image of wildflowers

From time to time I stopped to take in the sounds and see the fine grasses gently swaying.  I could hardly imagine this was part of an office space!

Yet it was because all work and no play does make Jack a dull boy. Trees have a soothing effect and tramping through a wood is a great way to think out a problem or de-stress.


What do you think?

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