Blowing in the wind #Bar-a-thon

I’m participating in the #BarAThon – a blogging Challenge which involves blogging on every alternate day from Jun 17 – Jun 30, 2017. For each of the seven days, bloggers are free to choose either a theme (‘Seven’) or one of the seven prompts based on Book Titles for each day. I’ve chosen “Call of the Wind” as my inspiration for today’s post.


For the past few days ( from Sunday to be precise), I’ve literally been blown away with the inclement monsoon weather. Mumbaikars, Bombayites, Bambaiyas or whatever else you would want to call them, are all too familiar with the strong winds that blow umbrellas inside out, that make window panes fly away, bring strong trees crashing down and make shutting windows impossible.

Resisting the call of the wind

Image for people on Marine Drive

But when you have such a long, stretch of inviting promenade, it’s hard to resist the call of the wind and there are literally hundreds of Mumbaikars walking along. Or jogging along. Or just hanging out. Marine Drive is the place to be.

[Tweet “So forget the messy hair dos, the hats that fly away, the umbrellas that turn inside out, just answer the call of the wind.”]

Equally hard to resist is this view that I get when I answer the call of the wind from my rear balcony. Can I get a better high?

However, there is another kind of wind whose call it is hard to resist – one that is closer to home. but in order to  avoid an embarassing situation , everyone should practice Pavanmuktasan or  the “wind releasing pose”!

Image for BellyBytes

I’ve enjoyed this fortnight long festival of blog hops even though I didn’t contribute a post everyday!~

Thanks Blogarhythm for this wonderful opportunity to meet and read interesting bloggers.

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Proud Mumbai gal who always sees the humour in life. The mum who made banana fritters when all the other mums made cupcakes.

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