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Cleaning up #MondayMusings

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I’ve been meaning to put this up on Monday but I got so caught up in cleaning up that I lost track of time . Cleaning up always makes me feel good.

Why does a good clean-up make me feel good ?

Is it because I’ve finally picked up courage to throw clothes that don’t fit ?

Or because I’ve thrown out papers that aren’t relevant any more – laundry receipts of clothes collected, warranties that have expired ?

Perhaps I’ve found a long forgotten lipstick that got lost in the bottom of the pile ?

Or was it come some photographic memories that brought a huge, big smile?

May be it is the stash of cash that I’d hidden for a rainy day?

If you’re a busy mum  ( like  me) rushed off her feet every single day

Who stuffed things randomly in the cupboard, safely but in any way.

Then once in a while you need to step back and tidy up with a real deep clean .

With order in my life restored is it any wonder the I’m satisfied like the cat who’s licked the cream .


We all need order in our lives don’t we? But somehow, life takes over and order becomes something to be tackled later on. Well today that day has come and I’ve decided to bring order to my life once more. And the first place to start is the cupboard.

Actually I’ve lost some keys ( which I NEVER DO) and the cupboard purge was largely the need to find the keys. Sadly, they still remain lost but in my mind, I’ve kept them in a SAFE PLACE. So safe that I can’t remember where.

Do these things happen to you? Do you have any special tips on how to remember where you’ve kept things? 

Would love to hear your thoughts on bringing order to your life.

Have a great week ahead.


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Author: Bellybytes

Proud Mumbai gal who always sees the humour in life. The mum who made banana fritters when all the other mums made cupcakes.

8 Comments on “Cleaning up #MondayMusings

  1. This happens with me with the money. I keep them in different purses and handbags and forget about them to unearth them much much later during searches for some other stuff. My husband is still sure that old Rs 1000 and RS 500 notes will show up their faces definitely some time. Rest of the things, keys, ear rings, bangles, important papers etc I dump into one particular drawer. So when search and rescue operation is required to be conducted only that one drawer is turned upside down and everything gets found.
    Anamika Agnihotri recently posted…Cycle Repair Wala #MondayMusingsMy Profile

    1. That’s a clever idea…. I too have a special place but sometimes I’m in such a rush that I just dump things wherever and slam the door shut ! I know it’s terrible but sometimes it just can’t be helped .

  2. This is such a relevant post. Decluttering is essential and we mostly put it on the back burner. When we declutter we shed the excess baggage that we are carrying in our lives- bit physical and emotional I believe. I try and declutter as often as I can but have been guilty of procrastinating too.

    It’s one of the cathartic experiences in life. Like writing or cooking for some.

    I also tend to keep stuff and then forget where I put them. Would love a tip on how to remember.

    1. I’ve noticed children remember where you’ve kept things. So if you tell them where you’re hiding something they’ll remember. Unfortunately my grown children have now become forgetful women so I have to depend on my grandchildren who as you know can be quite whimsical as toddlers….

  3. I hate cleaning up my wardrobe. I used to arrange them every weekend but to make a mess on Mondays. Then I stopped doing them altogetehr. Now a days I arrange them when I can’t find anything from the bundle. But the earring stand and bookshelf is something I tend to keep in proper way.
    Sheethal recently posted…Break Some Rules.My Profile

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