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In the bathroom one morning

One Saturday morning I stepped into my bath.
All lathered up I glanced upon
A little cockroach
Swiftly scampering past .

He seemed quite harmless I thought
As it climbed down the wall.

Then as it came closer
A scream froze in my throat.

A shout from me would have the household come running to the door
And see me all soaped up and scared
Like they’ve never seen before .

Much worse than this would have been
Their reaction to my scream
They’d have expected me to be
Lying on the floor with broken bones
Having slipped on the bathroom floor
Or worse still clutching at my chest
In painful agony.

But soapy me in front of a tiny harmless

That would never do I thought and said
“Poor cockroach you have to go”

And thwacked the hapless creature dead .

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I felt bad bad killing the cockroach for it is one creature that has remained unevolved since The Creation of the World . At least this is what I remember learning in school. So it would actually mean that this creature is actually perfect. It doesn’t need to adapt in order to survive. It is a perfect prototype .

Yet we have an instinctive fear when we see this perfect creature run across our paths . Don’t they have the right to live too?

Would love to hear your thoughts on cockroach killing .

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Author: Bellybytes

Proud Mumbai gal who always sees the humour in life. The mum who made banana fritters when all the other mums made cupcakes.

22 Comments on “In the bathroom one morning

  1. Alas, poor cockroach. It was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Yes, I would have been startled if the cockroach had suddenly appeared while I was bathing. I also might have tried thwacking….
    If the cockroach were anywhere else in the house, I might had caught it in a cup and put it gently outside. But the bathroom….

  2. Ewwww…….and such a BIG image of the creature topmost on the post!!! SUNITAAAAA!!!
    But, the poem was hilarious! Sorry, I shouldn’t be laughing at your predicament, but, you wove your roachy tale so amusingly well!
    It reminded me of an incident from long long ago, when one night I awoke to find the floor swarming with cockroaches! I screamed and began howling at the sight. My brother woke up and found the whole behaviour utterly ridiculous and childish. He called mum, who took me to her room and dad moved out to sleep in my place. All night dad battled with the repulsive roaches, picking them up and throwing them away whenever they clambered over him while he tried to sleep! Yikes, the memory gives me goosebumps! I hope I don’t dream of these things tonight…;P
    Shilpa Gupte recently posted…30 odd questions.My Profile

    1. I hope so too! Imagine cockroaches everywhere! That’s quite a scary thought . Thanks for the feedback on the image . I don’t seem to have figured out the featured image thing ….. next time I’ll make the image smaller

  3. I’m crazy scared of all roaches, rodents and the types.
    I’m sure they have the right to love, but as long as it’s not in my home ????

  4. Haha.. I really enjoyed reading it. And to your question- I know, I feel bad about it too. but, i think we will these innocent creatures cuz we’re scared of them. and so, we harm them before they could harm us. 🙁

  5. The title of this post seemed interesting, so I clicked on the link and I see what…..a cockroach lying upside down…I really gasped audibly. The post was hilarious. It did evoke some sympathy for the “perfect prototype” but about their right to live? Sure! Why not. But not in my house. Somewhere in the jungle may be. I am s*** scared of these beings and my nightmares have monster sized cockroaches. The problem is I cant even thwack them..Have to call for help for that too……

    1. I also hate cockroaches and only whack them after having one fly out at me once in a bath! Thanks for visiting and keep our world cockroach free. I can’t really see what value they have in the food chain. Perhaps there is a reason for them to be there ( definitely not as a reason for me to whack something 😉

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