The Blue Bicycle #FridayReflections

If inanimate objects could experience emotion, the blue bicycle would have been very happy.

After two months of shivering in the garden shed , she finally saw the light of day . Summer had come and today was the perfect day for a ride on the beach. It was difficult riding on the shifting sand and Andrea , the owner of the blue bicycle soon abandoned it to go for a dip in the blue water.

But the blue bicycle didn’t mind. It won’t be long when Andrea would be back with a load of shells , dried grasses and fronds of palm that she stuff into the basket in the front .

That was the part the Blue Bicycle liked the most – coming home with a triumphant bounty of the foraging for the day.

I’m linking this to Sanch Vees’a #FridayReflections .

I’m also taking my Alexa Rank to the next level with #MyFriendAlexa and Blogchatter.

It is also my attempt to post at an airport on a free wifi and from my mobile . Most importantly, I’m writing after two days in uncertainty and chasing after a ticket.

Author: Bellybytes

Proud Mumbai gal who always sees the humour in life. The mum who made banana fritters when all the other mums made cupcakes.

16 Comments on “The Blue Bicycle #FridayReflections

  1. Hahaha! More than the post I loved your footnotes of using Airport wifi 😀 But I still like your story though. Try writing it from the perspective of the bicycle subtly disclosing towards the end that those are the thoughts of an inanimate object. Would make one hell of a read!

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