Watching the fish


Mindfulness is a word I’ve been hearing for quite a while now. I’ve always heard of the word ‘mindless’. In school we were told not to indulge in mindless activities . Now that is something I understood- when you did something mechanically or without thought . But what about mindful? Isn’t most activity mindful?

Obviously, it doesn’t.

It seems that for any activity to be truly fruitful it has to be done ‘mindfully’.

Watching the fish

I’ve been really busy the last week. I had just returned from an overseas trip and found myself in the midst of babysitting as Anna Shetty and her husband wanted to go climb mountains.

Apart from the babies, I also had to keep an eye on her fish, especially since Little Po had once expressed a desire to eat them up ( he LOVES fish). She returned late last week and took the babies home but left the fish for another day.

Today, I’m enjoying the solitude of a Sunday morning, watching the fish as they watch me.

It is peaceful watching them dart about. The bubbles gurgle up from the aerating pump and I can hear it’s motor humming in the background.

I watch the fish as they watch me .

What is it like to be in a fishbowl? Always in the public eye?

Years ago when they were small, Daughter No1 complained to me :

“ Mummy, I cant sleep because the fish is watching me all night long!”

“Why were you watching him?” I retorted. After all, night time was officially sleep time.

I suppose she was taking a mindful break!

I’m taking part in a 15 day journey starting today called #TheMindfulBreak an Instagram initiative hosted by Shinjini, The Modern Gypsy.

Author: Bellybytes

Proud Mumbai gal who always sees the humour in life. The mum who made banana fritters when all the other mums made cupcakes.

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  1. Firstly i wanted to mentioned i loved that click of Fish! That Orange mixed golden shade is beautiful.
    Also i love watching fish and when ever i go to my maushi’s place i spend hours sitting in front of their huge Aquarium and just watch as they do the same from inside!

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