Brain Freeze & Smells #MondayMusings

Brain freeze.

Can it happen?

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Yes , it can.

Even though temperatures in Mumbai are far from cold , my brain is actually freezing .

What I’m suffering from is a brain freeze or another term for writer’s block.

It actually all began this morning when I returned home from my walk down a pleasant, tree-lined, hilly road.All was going well till a whiff of doggy poo came my way. Suddenly I found that the road was littered with poop:some soggy, some not but all distinctly doggy.


And smells

It seems strange but ever since the launch of the Swacch Bharat campaign, I’ve been seeing more and more poop. Or perhaps my hitherto dormant sense of smell is suddenly awake.

Yes, I know it sounds weird but ever since my babies were born , my acute sense of smell just vanished. Perhaps it was just as well because I could happily discharge my motherly duties without the slightest twinge as I couldn’t smell a thing.

But with my babies well into their thirties , it’s time for my nose to awaken to the sweet smells around . Like the heady fragrance of my favourite perfume Coco by Chanel or the aroma of vanilla as my neighbour bakes her cake.

How I missed the smell of ink on a newspaper slipped under the door. For many years I couldn’t enjoy the first drops of rain and the smell of fresh earth.

And what about scent of a rose and sweet jasmine. Or the sharp smell of petrol as it tickled my nose.

Now that my nose has awakened from its slumber, I think it’s time for my brain to freeze.

I only hope this lasts for thirty hours and doesn’t stretch into days.

Sharing my thoughts with Corinne at #MondayMusings.

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2 thoughts on “Brain Freeze & Smells #MondayMusings

  1. Ha ha well it shall pass Sunita 🙂
    Spending nearly a week in the hospital bed, I am currently having a writers block! My mind doesn’t seem to concentrate on anything and seems like I lost my muse 🙁

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