A staycation at Sahara Star – Mumbai’s best kept secret

  “All I want is a room somewhere ,

Far away from the cold night air”

Thus trilled Eliza Doolittle, in the 1960’s popular musical “My Fair Lady”.

While Mumbai has no such cold night air to run away from, there are enough oppressively hot days that make you want to take refuge in a cool and comfortable environment.

There are also times when the tension and stress of living in India’s busiest metropolis gets to you and you want to escape from it all. At times like these when I am taking off to the hills or making my way to another holiday destination, already exhausted before I board the aircraft, I often wish there was an easier way to take a holiday.

Driving in Mumbai is no joke and rush hour traffic is a nightmare. After a tedious and boring, tension fraught drive to Santa Cruz’s airport, I look at the now familiar, iconic , huge, hemispherical  Sahara Star Hotel with a sigh of relief. I know the end is near, and soon I’ll be up in the sky flying off to my holiday destination.

But then, I think, why not stay at the Sahara Star hotel itself?

I need a staycation

Why not have a staycation instead of a vacation? Indeed, a staycation is the newest buzz word in modern holidays is already popular with millennials. It is slowly gaining currency among several urban dwellers as well.  It’s far better to check into a five star hotel in town for some rest and relaxation, rather than leave the city.

And when the hotel is situated close to the airport, you can easily fob your neighbours with a red herring and make the turn into the mystical looking orb rather than go ahead and board a plane. Isn’t it?

The Sahara Star which looks like a spaceship at night (especially when seen from the air) with its blue lights and glowing white star in the centre has an intriguing design.  Even in broad day light, you can’t help wondering at its architectural design and imagining what it would be like  from the inside.

Well, step inside and find out.

An other worldly experience

From the moment you enter, you will realize that you are in for an out of this world experience. The sheer magnificence of its grand lobby with its immense vastness and futuristic interiors will leave you dumb struck.


And the variety of rooms to choose from ! The ‘basic’ Earth Room with its simple twin or king sized beds has a balcony  overlooking a tropical lagoon.  Here you can literally put your stretch out your legs and put your feet up on the extended arms of a genuine planter’s chair.  Or if you are so inclined, you could opt for the city facing or lagoon facing Mercury or Venus rooms which offer facilities like motorized curtains that allow you a view of the clear sky above!

Taking the planetary theme to yet another level are the Uranus, Neptune and Saturn Suites with even more space and features like a rain shower. The duplex  Saturn Suite outfitted with  a kitchenette is excessivebut the ultra-luxe Sahara suite which is spread over 3 floors will leave you speechless.

However, there is no need for such extravagance because all of Sahara’s rooms are designed with only its guest’s comforts in mind.

A weekend of mindful relaxation

After you’ve settled down and checked out all the facilities you can avail of. Head for the Juvena Spa where expert masseuses will ease out the tension in your bodies.  Their soft gentle touch and soothing , aromatic herbal oils made from ancient Ayurvedic formulas  will slowly imbue you with a calm contentment.

Or if you are a fitness buff and need your daily fix of weights and cardio, go to the State-of -the-Art gym . You will find  all the machines you are familiar with. With trained instructors to guide you!

But what is truly relaxing is a dip in the Jacuzzi or pool. Especially  if outdoor activity is more your style. Step out on to the sundeck for a unique poolside experience where you can swim, sunbathe and enjoy a drink or two at the poolside bar. Soak in the tranquil serenity of the lush green lawns beautifully landscaped with ornamental palms.

The Right Bite

However, the hallmark of a good holiday is  food. Luckily, to make your staycation PERFECT, Sahara Star offers you five restaurants serving world class food. The dishes that are curated from global cuisines  are sure to please the fussiest  palates.

And unlike regular hotels, Sahara Star offers its guests the unique experience of dining with the fish, surrounded as it were by a huge aquarium!


And for those finicky oenophiles, rest assured that Sahara has the largest wine cellar in the city. The only downside to this otherwise splendid property is that there aren’t any shops to browse around in.

Opt to chill

But if you are looking for a weekend to just chill ,de-tox and do nothing but vegetate, check into Mumbai’s best kept secret  the Sahara Star Hotel and experience a truly memorable staycation .

So what are you waiting for?

Pack your bags. Jump into an Uber or Ola and check into the Sahara Star Hotel for a staycation you won’t forget .

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    1. Yes this is the former Centaur which was shut down for many years. With all the hassles of traveling, I think staycations are the best! At leat once a year …. otherwise who goes to hotels in your own city?

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