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When the pumpkin was locked out

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It’s pumpkin time

With Halloween and Thanksgiving just over, it’s been pumpkin time the past few weeks . Last night , it was my turn to become the pumpkin.

In the fairy tale which is now considered perverse or subversive or whatever , Cinderella has to return home by midnight lest she reveals her true identity at the Ball-from-which-she-was-banned. Just before midnight, she tears herself away from the arms of her dreamy prince and gets into her Pumpkin Carriage drawn by six white mice masquerading as horses.

All that Jazz

Last night I was no Cinderella dancing at a ball but enjoyed a lovely jazz concert at the NCPA. It was the opening night of the 3 day International Jazz festival and my dear friend R invited me as she had a ticket to spare.

The festival kicked off with India’s only Latin Jazz band from Kolkata – Latination . I enjoyed the music, two of which were original compositions by the band’s leader Emmanuel Simon. Sanjita Bhattacharya’s rendition of the much loved ‘Besame Mucho’ made me wish I was in a more relaxed setting rather than the formal environs of the NCPA. However that didn’t detract from the music , particularly the more serious stuff that followed without Kevin Davy Quintet from England . It’s band leader Kevin Davy is passionate about Miles Davis and provided a wonderful tribute to this legendary trumpeter.

Unfortunately we couldn’t stay till the end as time was running out for us as my ‘home by midnight ‘ curfew was fast approaching.

In case you don’t know, Friday night sees me in bed at 9 pm. (And Thursday night and every weeknight for that matter . )I sleep early because I wake up early. Almost at the crack of dawn .

IZAYA – The new Thai in Mumbai

So we made a quick exit and went to Amadeus next door for a quick bite before R made her long trek home.

Surprisingly Amadeus was packed and the only option was to go away or sit at the bar of the 2-day-old IZAYA, Chef Farrokh Khambatta’s latest culinary offering.

Despite the steward’s suggestion of the quickest-to-make dishes on the menu, it took a long while before we finished.

I got home just before the clock struck 12.  And the door was locked.

I had become a pumpkin after all!!!!

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