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Glinting Sun in a December Sky #SkywatchFriday

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I can’t believe the year is coming to an end. December’s skies so far have been sunbathed sunrises with a stiff westerly breeze blowing my hair in the balcony.

Can you see the glinting sunlight on the roof of Imperial Towers?

With skyscrapers sprouting up, will I only get to see the sun as a reflection in the mirrored windows? I hope not.

Are tall buildings ruining your sky views ?

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Author: Bellybytes

Proud Mumbai gal who always sees the humour in life. The mum who made banana fritters when all the other mums made cupcakes.

8 Comments on “Glinting Sun in a December Sky #SkywatchFriday

  1. Oh yes they are. While I get enough morning sunshine I have just a narrow opening to catch the rising sun when it’s low down on the horizon. And then it’s marked with ugly wiring! So much for progress!! That said, I have to admit those high rises in your pictures are kind of majestic even though they do take away our skies.

    1. I’m scared to live in any of these high rises majestic as they may look ! Imagine when the electricity fails, the winds blow , and worse still dealing with members of a coop society!

  2. That was lovely! Glinting sun…even at my end its the same Sunita! We have a twin tower right in front of us at a distant. But I am thankful to them…One that they provide the perfect frame for the rising sun and second when the sun sets, the reflections from the glass windows makes the Sun appear once again in our lives for the second time in the day!

  3. Well, thankfully for me, I do get to see the sunrise as well as the sunset from my balcony/bedroom window, but only some months of the year. There aren’t any high rises around my building. But, whenever I see skyscrapers sprouting around every corner, I get that eerie image of a grey world with lack of any sunlight (the kind we see in the futuristic films of Hollywood) and it leaves me feeling melancholy.
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    1. I will definitely be able to see sunsets but the sunrises I’m not too sure of . I can’t imagine Mumbai as a tall towered city . Looks scary. I too feel sad at the thought of such a dreary future

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