Mumbai skies this week

The week began with hazy skies that turned ominous as the hours passed

Ockhi the cyclone that had wreaked havoc in Kerala , was inching its way up the coast and Mumbai was a likely target .

On Tuesday morning I woke up to a grey and gloomy sky with poor visibility. The whole day we sat waiting for the storm to break and looked out at the dark and silent city . Schools and colleges were shut, the trains were running slow and several offices in town shut early.

“Don’t worry,” my chicken seller assured me when I was getting ready to stock up on eggs and bread, “it will soon pass “.

I wondered how he knew with certainty but realised that he had a satellite picture that was doing the rounds on WhatsApp.

For once the Met Dept proved right and the storm did pass.

And the sun came out in Mumbai’s sky again !

Enjoy the sunshine this weekend .

Join me and other bloggers from around the world at #SkywatchFriday to see what’s happening in their skies.

Image of Bellybytes

10 thoughts on “Mumbai skies this week

  1. Frankly, I was quite excited about the impending cyclone! Sadly, all my hopes of seeing some action out there were crushed… 😛
    I did love the fact that the temperatures dipped to an all time low (by Mumbai standards) and it was a pleasant day. But, also glad that Mr. Sun came out and spread His warmth! 😛
    Great pictures, Sunita!
    Shilpa Gupte recently posted…Vibgyor. #SkyWatchFridayMy Profile

    1. Really? Aren’t you scared of the howling winds and falling trees? I must say you are brave . And yes I loved the pakora weather and the clear skies thanks to the storm that never happened

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