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Thoughts on friendship

This weekend I’m going on a trip with my school friends . And we’ve been given strict instructions to do nothing but relax . No long walks or hikes. No indulgent massages or spa treatments. No eating binges . No yoga or spirituality. It’s going to be an old fashioned chit chat and do your own thing trip . One where we’re going to spend three days in our nighties like lounge lizards.

It’s been a long while since I went on a school trip. The last one was as a Girl Guide over the weekend at a Juhu bungalow. My parents weren’t for school trips and didn’t send me on any. The Girl Guide one was compulsory for getting a badge and besides it was only 25 km away from home.

So I am actually quite excited to be going on a trip. With school friends.

The Neapolitan Series


Over the last month I’ve just been absorbed by the story of a friendship traced over 6 decades. Set in a run down middle class neighbourhood of Naples, this set of four can be read individually too. But if you do manage to go through all four, you will find yourself lost in a world of two girls whose intertwined lives lead them to different fates.

I still can’t pinpoint what it is about these books that engaged me. I must admit that the books are not exactly the kind of books I normally read. There is an element of obsession with the sexual mores of teenage girls – something which I find quite disturbing. Perhaps it is the frankness with which changing social values are depicted that makes this series quite unputdownable.

Old friends


It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them.

All friends are special and associated with certain aspects of your life. School friends particularly remind me of a time of innocence , naivete and of course the angst of growing up.

All the friends I’m going with I’ve known for around 50 years ( less actually because I met them in my mid-teens) . As a transfer student from a different school in a different place, I found it difficult to make friends with my new classmates who knew each other since the day they were born. But I did manage to befriend many of them and they continue to be friends till today.

The years have seen us through different stages in our lives. From sharing notes in class to sharing tips and secrets, we’ve seen each other through good times and bad. There were lulls when each one of us was involved in our own lives. But whenever we met, there seemed to be no gap at all between meetings.

I remember when our class got together after 20 years of finishing school, N and I actually held hands and walked in together much like we did at our first school social, diffident and slightly scared.

And today, we’re willing to hang out in our nighties! That’s saying a lot for maturing.

Is it our greying hairs that have given us the confidence to overlook the superficial? Or is it the years of experience that have taught us the real value of things and the transience  of material things? Have we stopped measuring each other by what we have and appreciate one another for who we are?

Whatever it is, I’m looking forward to spending a weekend with my school friends. In my nighty at that!

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Sharing these thoughts on friendship with Corinne who hosts #MondayMusings

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This will also be my first post I’m sharing with BAR. Thank you ladies for having me in your group.

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11 Comments on “3 Days In A Nighty #MondayMusings

  1. Oh I totally get this Sunita. Infact about the Series, i read just My brilliant friend. And its different, not the usual friedship story. But it had me engrossed. Its so nice to grow old with friends. i have been kinda unlucky here. Distances seem to have crept and somehow things have never been the same. Envy you Sunita!

    1. I do hope you read all four books. I don’t exactly know what it is that grabs your interest in the books but after a long time I actually found a book I couldn’t put down

  2. It speaks of a different era when friendships lasted for a lifetime. But today it is not the case. I have no such friendships which have stuck from school. I had one from college which lasted 20 years (somehow) but then I realised life has changed our thinking processes and thus do not match.
    I hope you good luck with your weekend plans of doing nothing but chit chatting.

    1. How sad that your old friendship has drifted apart ….. may be you will find common ground after some time . And perhaps it is the fact that people move around so much that friendships don’t endure. And thanks for your good wishes. I’m looking forward to a good visit

  3. Meeting school friends sounds so exciting, Sunita! I’ve recently met a few of mine and know the joy you’re talking of. We can still relate to each other in much the same way and can reach out across all those elements that might have differentiated us once upon a time. To be able to look beyond our imperfections and our flaws and connect to each other is one of the most beautiful things about friendships. Have a fun time, and hope to read all about it in your next post. 🙂

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