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Oh No ! It’s Mother’s Day again. It’s only the beginning of the week but there is already a blitz of events planned for this Sunday.

Another overhyped , commercialised , Archie’s Card and Hallmark day where every establishment worth its brand will offer attractive schemes to lure people to part with their money. All with alleged intention of honouring your mom. Your poor, selfless, unconditionally loving , all forgiving , uncomplaining , self sacrificing mother . The one who carried you for 9 months,laboured for hours as you made your way into the world, slaved over you , pampered you and indulged you …..

Yet have you forgotten how she embarrassed you in front of your friends? How she refused to let you go for a holiday with your best friend when you were all of 20 ? How she still asks you now at age 60 when you’ll be back and wants to know where you’re going ?

As a mother , let me assure you that even if I speak only for myself, Mother’s Day is a whole lot of poppycock.

In fact one of my dear friends told me once that if there was an internship for motherhood, none of us would take up the job !

I happened to stumble into motherhood, much the same way as I stumbled into most things in my life.

And as with most things, I loved what I stumbled into . As a mother of two marvellous young mothers and granny to three adorable munchkins I have no regrets at all in becoming a mum. I can honestly say that I’d have had it no other way.

I love the way the little ones look at me with complete faith and awe. But hey! I’m just an ordinary mum doing an ordinary job.

There has been no sacrifice on my part. There has been no hard labour . Of course there has been effort and love , but that’s only normal isn’t it ? Every mother does it!

So spare me the platitudes, the praises and the accolades. Don’t flood my phone with cheesy WhatsApp messages or ‘cute’ cartoons.

I don’t want specially discounted, carefully curated meals. Nor do I want bouquets and flowers.

Motherhood is over rated as is Mother’s Day.

But to those of you who celebrate Mother’s Day – Happy Mother’s Day to you .

May this coming Sunday be blessed . May you enjoy the company of your loved ones.

Sharing these thoughts with Corinne who hosts #MondayMusings at Everydaygyaan.


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Proud Mumbai gal who always sees the humour in life. The mum who made banana fritters when all the other mums made cupcakes.

12 Comments on “Motherhood Mania #MondayMusings

  1. I love your attitude. I do feel the same way. I didn’t give up anything. Well, if I did, I got more than I gave. I adore my two children!

    Have fun with all of yours on Sunday!

  2. Yeah, Sunita. Mother’s Day is another one of those days that help sell stuff. I love celebrating the day, of course. But, only with a heart to heart talk with mum, thanking her for all that she did for me and apologising for all that I did to her. No gifts can ever express the love I have for her, and she doesn’t ask or expect it, either.
    Just a heartfelt gratitude for being such an important part of our life and some love is all they look for.
    A Happy Mother’s Day to every mother on earth!
    Shilpa Gupte recently posted…A Konkan speciality. #FlavoursomeTuesdaysMy Profile

  3. Okay I differ a bit here in that I love celebrations, of all kinds! So yeah bring on the flowers and the cake, oh and the special offers too for whoever wants them. I for one am not stepping out in the heat.
    I do agree that the money splurge is disgusting. I’ve forbidden the children to buy me gifts, so they’ve been coming to me with requests for handmade paper and other crafty things. I think I mind end up richer by a few bookmarks and photoframes.
    Obsessivemom recently posted…The Graveyard Book #BookReviewMy Profile

  4. It maybe over rated surely, but yes now as a mother to two young kiddos, I truly appreciate what motherhood actually is. Its no mean feat and it comes with challenges, and difficulties. And probably thats why I feel like pampering my mom, on specific days.
    Ramya Abhinand recently posted…An Evening with a Boring BookMy Profile

    1. I’m glad if you pamper your mum and appreciate the trouble she took over you. I appreciate my mom too . And if you get spoiled by your family for being a great mom, enjoy it!

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