Month: May 2018


3 Days In A Nighty #MondayMusings

Thoughts on friendship This weekend I’m going on a trip with my school friends . And we’ve been given strict instructions to do nothing but relax . No long walks or hikes. No indulgent massages or spa treatments. No eating binges . No yoga or spirituality. It’s going to be an old fashioned chit chat …

Mumbai Diary

When things go missing

When things go missing I go crazy

LIFESTYLE, Mumbai Diary

So now I’m even more confused #ChattyBlogs

Hello, Good Morning or Hey There! I’m new here to #ChattyBlogs but have been around on this earth and in the blogosphere for a long while . Yet, with all these years of experience there are times when I find it hard to make a decision . A quick decision at that . There are …


Sunset through a summer haze #SkywatchFriday

A weak sun dissipates the haze at sunset


What is your blog hosting service ?

Oh no! I seem to be having some problems in my blogging journey again!   This morning I got a renewal notice from my current blog hosting service provider. This means that I once again have to think about which service to use. Blog host and domain host When I began blogging all those years …