Grey, murky, sky #FridaySkywatch

This week the rains have played havoc with my city. It rained incessantly for 3 days and a railway overhead bridge came crashing down.

The tracks were flooded and the suburban railway service was disrupted. Flights were delayed and the roads became rivers in many places.

At certain parts, roads caved in !

And earlier in the monsoon, even a plane crash landed in a vacant plot in one part of the city. This may or may not have been due to the rain but one of the reasons cited was poor visibility.

Huddled up at home, or stuck while commuting, there were jokes and quips galore. All of them bemoaning the plight of Mumbaikars. I am reproducing one below:

Mumbai is known as a city which does not sleep.

Now it will be known as a city where during rains

1. U cannot take shelter under a tree as the tree might fall on u

2. U caanot walk on the road as u might fall into an open manhole or have a plane fall on u

3. U cannot drive on the road as the road might cave in.

So this morning’s sky although overcast was a welcome relief from the gloom and doom.The images here are taken today.

What sums this season best is this image of a man looking out at the sea, with rain beating down his frail umbrella.

This picture was taken at the beginning of the week when the rains had just begun pounding the city.

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24 Comments on “Grey, murky, sky #FridaySkywatch

  1. The gray scale movie with house-full board at the box office of “Mumbai” with incessant rains is so super flop as it show is making our moods go grumpy. As a nomad, I must say however, that I enjoyed these torrential rains. Believe me Sunita when I tell you that I have never in my life witnessed such a heavy down pour for straight six days, in my entire life. SO, I must say that its an amazing experience (from the cosy confines of my house, sipping hot cup of coffee 😉 )!

    1. Indeed it is great fun when you are at home . As a child I’ve experience wading through waist high water and even pushing a car stuck in the rain

  2. I’ve heard from relatives that the rains have played havoc in Mumbai. Seems a lot of the city has been dug up. Enjoyed your pics as it brought back many monsoon memories.

  3. This is sad and kind of troublesome too. Especially the open manholes and the roads caving in. The last pic exudes longing and yearning for something long gone. Just my perception. Like it a lot.

  4. Sad, isn’t it? And we, who sit safely indoors, find the rains so romantic! I feel bad for those who can’t enjoy the season like we do, but face it’s fury as it lashes our beautiful city.
    But, whatever happened is quite a wake up call to our authorities at the BMC!

    1. That is if these goons wake up. Until one of them has a tree fall on his head or find himself swallowed by an open manhole , they just don’t care .

    1. Yes our authorities have turned a blind eye Year after year to this annual problem. Finally things just gave way. The sun is out today so hopefully things dry out . But our lakes aren’t full and we need more rain else next year we have water rationing 🙁

  5. That is such an evocative shot—the last one, Sunita! It speaks volumes and I feel you should invite captions from everyone for that one. I can totally feel the pain you are in, seeing your city reeling under the impact of the rains! How vulnerable our cities are, before any such natural calamity, all because our infrastructures are so poorly thought through! It is the same in Bangalore too…a few hours of rain can completely cripple our lives here! What a shame, the same situation continues year after year and nothing changes for the people.

  6. Over the years, the situation of Mumbai during the rains has gone from bad to worse. Sad state it is truly!
    Love your captures especially the last one!!

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