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As I sit in my garden #MondayMusings

As I sit in my garden this morning I realise that January is just getting over! It’s already the 29th and before I know it the year will be over. And in a weird way, I’m happy the days whizz past because it just means that I am really busy. It’s also time for me… Read More As I sit in my garden #MondayMusings

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4 reasons I am grateful for in 2016 #Gratitude Post

4 Reasons to be grateful As the year draws to a close, I realise that I have a lot to be grateful for. In particular, I have four  major reasons to be truly grateful for. Grateful for being alive They say that as you grow older, you attend more funerals than weddings and birth celebrations.… Read More 4 reasons I am grateful for in 2016 #Gratitude Post

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A silver lining for every cloud #GratitudeCircle

All through the month of May, as the earth was heating up, white clouds formed in the sky, sometimes turning dark and threatening but often just floating by. There were lots of dark clouds in my otherwise sunny life – the shortage of domestic help, the shortage of water, the frequent break downs of the… Read More A silver lining for every cloud #GratitudeCircle

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Why should I be grateful? #GratitudeCircle

The whole of last week has been a whirl of activity with Bayda the Bai doing the Bunk. As usual when she goes, I spend the first two days just trying to find my way about my own kitchen. Then I spend the next few days tidying up and taking stock. Add to this doing… Read More Why should I be grateful? #GratitudeCircle

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Joining the dots #Gratitude Circle

Seemingly random events make up the picture of our lives. Slowly but surely all the dots get joined up. This thought occurred to me  while watching the Republic Day parade. Seeing our military might march down Raj Path,  I remembered my own childhood which was spent in different Cantonment towns .  That’s when I thought :… Read More Joining the dots #Gratitude Circle