Growing old gracefully #MondayMusings

” Ma’am, are you a Senior Citizen ? ” the bank officer would ask me anytime I stepped into the bank to make a deposit “No, but do I look like one ?” I used to retort , extremely offended by this remark. ” No , No ” he would mumble apologetically, ” just you… Read More Growing old gracefully #MondayMusings


Friends & Friendships #MondayMusings

Like the ripples in a pond, one thought led to another starting out with a feeling of immense satisfaction over the weekend past.  Musings on a Monday Morning The first ripple in the pond was a Notification from FB reminding me to acknowledge my friends and appreciate them and thank them for being there for… Read More Friends & Friendships #MondayMusings

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As I sit in my garden #MondayMusings

As I sit in my garden this morning I realise that January is just getting over! It’s already the 29th and before I know it the year will be over. And in a weird way, I’m happy the days whizz past because it just means that I am really busy. It’s also time for me… Read More As I sit in my garden #MondayMusings


Brain Freeze & Smells #MondayMusings

Brain freeze. Can it happen? Yes , it can. Even though temperatures in Mumbai are far from cold , my brain is actually freezing . What I’m suffering from is a brain freeze or another term for writer’s block. It actually all began this morning when I returned home from my walk down a pleasant,… Read More Brain Freeze & Smells #MondayMusings


600 and counting#MondayMusings

Today I’ve reached a number I never imagined I’d ever reach . 600 subscribers  And to think that a few months ago I was actually thinking of giving up my blog . It’s been quite a see-saw of some highs and mostly lows. But on this Monday afternoon I’d like to share some of my… Read More 600 and counting#MondayMusings