Saying goodbye to Lord Ganesha #MyFriendAlexa

Today it is 10 days since we welcomed the elephant headed God Lord Ganesh into our homes. The tradition of a community Ganesh celebration began 125 years ago when Bal Gangadhar Tilak began this practice to enable people to get together and spread the message of freedom from colonial rule. Today Keshavji Naik Chawl where… Read More Saying goodbye to Lord Ganesha #MyFriendAlexa

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Where is Miss Manners?#MondayMusings

“Leave something in your plate ” we were advised while growing up .”For Miss Manners”. Similarly we were advised to give up a chair for an older person. We were encouraged to help someone carry a heavy load and wait your turn patiently in a queue.   We girls had it easy with Miss Manners.… Read More Where is Miss Manners?#MondayMusings


Win(e)ding down on Sunday evening.

Many people think that  every day is a Sunday for the housewives  who do ‘nothing’ the rest of the week . But I  prefer to think that I work all week and need to unwind on a Sunday especially with a glass of wine. My GP has actually recommends a glass of red wine every… Read More Win(e)ding down on Sunday evening.


Illness is ephemeral too #FridayReflections

As I sit alone in front of my chicken soup I am reminded that everything in life is ephemeral. I have come out to eat because I want to escape the sixth consecutive meal of ‘moong daal khichadi’ Normally this tops my list of soul food especially when I’m down and out but this time… Read More Illness is ephemeral too #FridayReflections


5 simple tips for a good night’s sleep!

  Goodnight, sleep tight, Don’t let the bugs bite This used to be my favourite litany when I put my girl’s to bed. This is what I went to sleep hearing too. And in those days, I really used to sleep the sleep of the dead  with the exception of some extraordinary dreams). However, as… Read More 5 simple tips for a good night’s sleep!