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Balloon Heads for Ravan #WordlessWednesday

Updating an old story

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My skies this week #SkywatchFriday

Driving down to Pune on Thursday I was disturbed to see my city shrouded in smog . But later on down the highway, I actually saw the mist rising from the ground. This is very strange at this time of the day ( 8.30 am) at this time of the year ( October) and in …


The Canadian Bonsai Star of YouTube

Today is Thursday when I join other bloggers at Parul’s bi-monthly blog hop #TbursdayTreeLove. Personally, I’m not really a fan of Bonsai. It does seem quite cruel to stunt growth. Particularly for me who is barely 5 feet off the ground , why would someone want to keep a gigantic tree so small? And that …


Monet’s Bridge? #ThursdayTreeLove

I’m off this morning to wish my mom a happy birthday. 120 km is quite a long way to go to wish someone! But this time she asked for me to come so I’m being the good daughter. However, as my family says I’m addicted to my blog so I just had to share this …


Face Off #WordlessWednesday

I’m not really into cats but these days thanks to the ‘Good Samaritan ‘ who insisted on making my building into a feeding spot for the neighbourhood cats, I can’t help noticing these felines prowling around. I caught this cat staring at me from under a car while I was getting into my own . …