#WordlessWednesday, Photos

Looking for the right angle #WordlessWednesday

Perched up at stage height, this photographer is waiting for the right angle. Sharing this with Esha on #WordlessWednesday. I hope today’s call for a Mumbai Bandh is unneeded because we need to get on with life. Violence never solves problems and destruction is self defeating.

#WordlessWednesday, Photos

Pink Heart #WordlessWednesday

Manish Malhotra’s scintillating installation on Jindal House on Peddar Road . Linking up with Esha on #WordlessWednesday

#WordlessWednesday, Photos

Memories of a sad day #WordlessWednesday

Still waters run deep Who would imagine that these still waters would one dark night launch a night of horror? This afternoon I was invited to lunch and happened to look out . I saw this quiet fishing village in the South of Mumbai. I then realised that this was the spot where 6 armed… Read More Memories of a sad day #WordlessWednesday

#WordlessWednesday, Photos

The Mahatma seen at Churchgate? #WordlessWednesday

Yes! Churchgate station one of the busiest stations on Mumbai’s suburban railway network  handles at least 5,50,000 passengers daily. This makes it the 5th busiest station in Mumbai with CST beating it to top post by 1,00,000 or so. The southernmost station on the network it  literally has  millions of people pouring in to work… Read More The Mahatma seen at Churchgate? #WordlessWednesday

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Open mouthed #WordlessWednesday

How often do you see an open mouthed truck looking decidedly embarrassed? … Read More Open mouthed #WordlessWednesday