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Two Potatoes in a Square # WOW Dream On

I have always been a dreamer. Not the idealistic kind but the one who actively dreams every night. Where my dreams are often better than my reality because of their sheer craziness. Sometimes I get up happy and actually wish I could go on dreaming. But there are times when I get up feeling that …


Past fast-forward ? #HalfGirlfriend

  Another 3 am alarm wakes me from a half sleep. I’m getting to be quite good at this. Waking up at unearthly hours to catch the first flight to somewhere.  Gingerly getting out of bed, I make my  way to the bathroom, going through my now familiar ‘getting ready to fly ‘routine . 10 minutes …


Goodbye is just another word

  Desiree Fernandes that’s me . Much desired by my parents Agnelo and Marietta originally from Saligaon but officially from “The Nest”, 12/4 Colaba Post Office, Colaba, ┬áMumbai 400005 . At least that’s what is recorded on my parents’ Ration Card. So how did a young couple from Saligaon land up in the southern most …

#Share the Load, LIFESTYLE

When a woman’s job becomes a man’s job#ShareTheLoad

Ok. If this infographic is to be believed, 2 out of three children believe that doing laundry is a woman’s job and that household jobs are meant to be done only by women, 78 % of girls believe that they will have to do the laundry, 81 % of the men feel that girls should …


Hair or not #IAmCapable

   According to me, man may be known by the company he keeps but a woman is known by the hair she wears.  A long, oily plait means a nerd.  A short , unruly mop means a tomboy .  A neat bun is a schoolteacher.  A short perky bob is a flirt .  But what …