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Boiled Eggs and Beer #FlavoursomeTuesdays

I don’t know if this is peculiar to Mumbai but once upon a time , a boiled egg seller outside a beer bar was common sight in Mumbai. But this sight has become rare ever Mumbai’s Beer Bars were shut down  in the early 2000’s because of the shady activities that were conducted there. While… Read More Boiled Eggs and Beer #FlavoursomeTuesdays


Shaggy dog tale #FlavoursomeTuesday

Before you start yawning at the the prospect of going through a long winded story, let me assure you that this is a shaggy dog story of a completely different kind . Firstly, it is not very long winded. Secondly, it is not very funny. At least to me. So let’s start at the beginning. I… Read More Shaggy dog tale #FlavoursomeTuesday

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Titillating Tale of the Tata #FlavoursomeTuesday

Incase you are wondering what the heck are these two round , dubious looking orbs doing in my featured image, let me set things straight. Finding TATA On the last day of my  recent trip to New Jersey, Daughter No. took me to downtown Somerville. It was unusually hot and we were the only people… Read More Titillating Tale of the Tata #FlavoursomeTuesday


Cupcakes to die for #Flavoursome Tuesday

A cupcake is a small cake designed to serve one person, which may be baked in a small thin paper or aluminum cup. As with larger cakes, icing and other cake decorations such as fruit and candy may be applied. Wikipedia I must admit I have a weakness for cupcakes especially my three little cupcakes… Read More Cupcakes to die for #Flavoursome Tuesday


Whatever happened to plain old sponge ! #FridayReflections

The other day I walked into a cake shop Nostalgic for vanilla sponge . But all I saw were cakes of chocolate Each one more exotic than the next! There was chocolate cake with swirls of butter cream – shaded in grades of chocolate Ombré I was told they called it while the next had… Read More Whatever happened to plain old sponge ! #FridayReflections