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#Ladies who lunch at Princeton

With Autumn just a few days away, warm, sunny days are going to  get rarer so I asked C to take us down to Princeton for a long, lazy lunch. Ever since I saw the movie “A Beautiful Mind” based on the brilliant but disturbed mathematician John Nash, I’ve wanted to visit Princeton. This Ivy League… Read More #Ladies who lunch at Princeton


What do you do when #BlueApron doesn’t show up?

#BlueApron We are currently staying in a serviced apartment in the US . Unfortunately, we aren’t running our own kitchen . And even more unfortunately dependent largely on #Uber and the kindness of friends who volunteered to help us settle in. But , we thought it best to rely on #BlueApron for a more regular… Read More What do you do when #BlueApron doesn’t show up?

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Papaya is perfect for ladies who lunch

If you are one of those South Mumbai ladies who lunch , looking for a suitable place,then Pa Pa Ya  is just the place for you. Especially if you like Asian. Jiggs Kalra’s restaurant that opened in Palladium Mall in September last year already has a fan following , seeing the number of well heeled ladies who… Read More Papaya is perfect for ladies who lunch

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A new taste every week

I was walking down to Babulnath the other day when I noticed an archway between two buildings announcing ‘Pop-up Hut’. Being naturally curious, I stepped inside and found myself walking down a narrow tarpaulin covered alley way ending up at a hole in the wall of a ‘restaurant’ with a spoon for a handle. This… Read More A new taste every week