Grandparenting is pretty much the same as parenting except that your knees are older, your hearing harder and your wallets larger. The joys of grandparenting are often tinged with aches and pains that are different but yet familiar. Once again baby powder and strollers share space with your perfumes and golf carts. The most wonderful part is that if the kids don’t turn out right, it’s not your fault!


Be with me #GuestPost #FridayReflections

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Yay! Glad to share   Yesterday was Dussehra, the tenth day of the Navratri festival. Traditionally it is a women’s festival dedicated to the praise of the mother goddess. It is celebrated in different ways in different parts of the country.  In my part of the world, it is celebrated by  visiting elders, offering them …

MILLENIALS & BABIES, Two and counting

The Hunt for a Telephone on a Tuesday Afternoon

Looking for a telephone on a Tuesday afternoon turned out to be more exciting than a treasure hunt.


Another grey Monday #MondayMusings

Today is another grey day. While I enjoy the overcast sky in the middle of the day, the ambivalent sunshine leaves me stressed – Should I or should I not carry an umbrella? Should I or should I not wear a sari? Should I or should I not venture out at all ? I can’t …


Makebelieve out of a Box #FridayReflections

She cautiously set her cup on the table and watched the melee in front of her. The three of them were playing a game of Pirates. Luckily none of them had known the horrors of a ship being attacked by pirates but for them, the story of Peppa and the Pirates was one that inspired …


Flipkart helps you be your fashionable best #GuestPost

Being fashionable is no longer an option with millennials who always want to put their best foot forward. But as with everything else, they have little time to actually go out to the stores and patiently try out the latest fashions. The Internet has the ideal solution for this conundrum with FLIPKART and GOPAISA offering …