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In the bathroom one morning

One Saturday morning I stepped into my bath. All lathered up I glanced upon A little cockroach Swiftly scampering past . He seemed quite harmless I thought As it climbed down the wall. Then as it came closer A scream froze in my throat. A shout from me would have the household come running to… Read More In the bathroom one morning

LIFESTYLE, Mumbai Diary

Cacophony #FridayReflections

Early in the morning parrots screech outside my window. While some might find it blissful I find it’s cacophony In the middle of the morning cars honk outside the main road passing by the school that’s in the neighbourhood Buses lumber up the hilly road and cause a jam, cars rev up and brakes screech… Read More Cacophony #FridayReflections

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Swishing a magic wand # WOW

  It’s Sunday yet again and  ‘This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’ Little Po was sick last week and in one of my baby sitting sessions, I  amused him with a simple Magic Trick. I would hide my slippers behind my back and ask him where they were.… Read More Swishing a magic wand # WOW

Mumbai Diary

Stormy skies from Mumbai #SkywatchFriday

Driving down Marine Drive  today, I saw several people taking pictures of the stormy sky. This was a welcome relief for a city that was literally lashed with high speed winds that blew away umbrellas. The whole of last week was wet , dreary and equally with the wind whistling through the gaps in our… Read More Stormy skies from Mumbai #SkywatchFriday

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Blowing in the Wind #ThursdayTreeLove

Trees dancing in squally winds cling on bravely to their little leaves Soon to leave them as they go about blowing in the wind.   These trees on Marine Drive reminded me of Bob Dylan’s classic song “Blowin in the Wind” How many roads must a man walk down Before you call him a man… Read More Blowing in the Wind #ThursdayTreeLove