A Sunday of a hundred colours

Most people are handed down old clothes and old toys. I was handed a box of Crayola . And what made this special ? It was a box of 64 crayons! Sturdy and strong in shades of blue and pink of every hue. With magical names like periwinkle and fuchsia. Since then I’ve been fascinated… Read More A Sunday of a hundred colours


Night of snowy magic

Thanks to, I knew it would snow the day after I landed in America and was quite prepared to step out into a winter wonderland in the morning. But when I woke up it was brilliantly sunny. Knowing that the snow and sun are unrelated I looked out of the window to find the… Read More Night of snowy magic


Who is the lady in your room? #FridayReflections

This is my all time favourite scene in one of my favourite  movies,  ‘Pretty Woman”. With so many eyebrows going up, Barney Thompson, the very proper and discreet hotel manager confronts Edward Lewis, the very well heeled guest as to who Vivian, the very obvious prostitute is. Naturally, everyone knows she is not his ‘niece’.… Read More Who is the lady in your room? #FridayReflections

Mumbai Diary, Photos

Two palms #ThursdayTreeLove

I was waiting in the traffic, driving past Haji Ali , when I suddenly noticed a strange sight . There were two different kinds of Palms growing next to each other . Did you find this strange ? I did ! Linking up with Parul at#ThursdayTreeLove.


Music to my ears #Bose contest

Blast from the past Haven’t you wished for something that would stop the surround sound that you don’t want to listen to ? Like that train journey around fifty years ago when all you heard for 8 hours at a stretch was the monotonous drone of a pesky child on the upper berth ask his… Read More Music to my ears #Bose contest