Ward-Boy Woes – What a wardboy does and what he ( mainly) doesn’t

Ward-boys are a different kettle of fish, I discovered in the last few weeks. I’d always heard of Ward-boys and even seen them working in people’s homes. But little did I know just what it is  a Ward-Boy does and what it is  he doesn’t. Looking after a sick person is difficult when you yourself… Read More Ward-Boy Woes – What a wardboy does and what he ( mainly) doesn’t


I am a prickly pear #FridayReflections

“Don’t talk to strangers” . This was the standard advice I’d get from my grandma, my mother, my father, my brother, my friends . And now , I get the same advice from my husband, my in-laws and even my daughters! It won’t be long before my grandchildren tell me ” Ajji don’t talk to… Read More I am a prickly pear #FridayReflections


Love & Care #MondayMusings

  Currently I’m in a situation that is  physically and emotionally challenging. Of course, I’m not the only one who is going through this situation and nor will this be my last time because taking car of the infirm and elderly is a part of all our lives. But I was faced with a dilemma… Read More Love & Care #MondayMusings


Motionless I lie

As motionless I lie I see from the corner of my eye You, my child scurrying around to get things done . You stay awake all night, listening to my laboured breathing . I feel your heart race with twice the speed of mine Especially when you feel my pace has faltered . Fear not… Read More Motionless I lie


My tryst with Dengue fever

“I’m sure I’m getting Dengue” I told Anna Shetty dramatically when I swatted the mosquito that bit me in the garden around five years ago. It was way before sunset when the Malarial mosquitos normally descend but the Aedes mosquito that carries the dengue virus attacks in broad daylight! “Don’t talk rubbish, ” my newly… Read More My tryst with Dengue fever