When life becomes stress #MondayMusings

Yesterday we dropped by for tea at a friend’s place. The havoc of last week’s snow storm was evident in the foot high snow piled up around her house . We also marvelled at the huge branch that lay on her front lawn, missing her house by just a few feet . We were wondering… Read More When life becomes stress #MondayMusings

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The shocking revelations of #MeToo

Responding to #MeToo Ever since the Harry Weinstein scandal broke news, I’ve been thinking about this creep. Obviously many people have been thinking about it because it sparked off #MeToo a social media campaign inviting people who have experienced sexual harassment/abuse at the work place to be vocal about it. Over the past few days,… Read More The shocking revelations of #MeToo


Where shall I wander? #UBC Day 3

Goosey goosey Gander Today’s guideline reminds me of the nursery rhyme “Goosey, Goosey Gander, where shall I wander? ” Well, quite clearly I do not want to go to my lady’s chamber . Nor do I want to go upstairs nor downstairs. I actually want my blog to go to dizzy heights! When I started… Read More Where shall I wander? #UBC Day 3


The importance of choosing a theme #Blogging

Create your own blog from scratch Learn How to use page builder NOW When you have a BLAH instead of a BLOG Do you ever feel that your blog is blah. Even thought there are literally hundreds of themes out there in the virtual world, it is hard to decide which one you want to… Read More The importance of choosing a theme #Blogging


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