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Tech Tips for Writers #129: Top Ten PC Shortkeys

If you are a technophobe like me, you will find this article extremely helpful. Do check it out and make your life much easier     via Tech Tips for Writers #129: Top Ten PC Shortkeys


#MyFriendAlexa Season 3 Round up after week one – An open Letter

My dear team Blogchatter : This was supposed to be a roundup of my experience with Blogchatter’s MyFriend Alexa campaign. I decided to write an open letter. Please take it in the right spirit . Round Up ‘I am taking my Alexa rank to the next level with Blogchatter’ Taking part in blogging challenges is …



So I’m having issues with my iPhone and WordPress Are you?


In my garden this evening

This evening I was sitting in the garden just gathering my thoughts when Mrs J walked up. This elegant lady who is more of my MIL’s friend asked about my in laws particularly about my FIL. Soon we were joined by more and more women and before I knew it I had spent three hours …


When life becomes stress #MondayMusings

Yesterday we dropped by for tea at a friend’s place. The havoc of last week’s snow storm was evident in the foot high snow piled up around her house . We also marvelled at the huge branch that lay on her front lawn, missing her house by just a few feet . We were wondering …