The Mask of Zorro

What is the only option when your bedroom becomes a disco with lights flashing through the night ? … Read More The Mask of Zorro


I am a prickly pear #FridayReflections

“Don’t talk to strangers” . This was the standard advice I’d get from my grandma, my mother, my father, my brother, my friends . And now , I get the same advice from my husband, my in-laws and even my daughters! It won’t be long before my grandchildren tell me ” Ajji don’t talk to… Read More I am a prickly pear #FridayReflections


April haze on Friday 13th #SkywatchFriday

What’s with climate change and pollution ? My normally clear April sky is hazy and murky. And of course the wildly mushrooming buildings aren’t adding to the beauty of my Mumbai skyline. I do hope the skies clear soon and the skyline pretties up ! By the way, today is Friday the 13th . Do… Read More April haze on Friday 13th #SkywatchFriday

Mumbai Diary, Photos

Batty Tree #ThursdayTreeLove

Mumbai’s zoo is not the best zoos in the world, but it does have a marvellous collection of trees. Last year, the zoo acquired some Penguins and after a brief visit to the penguins, Wow Dinga wanted to play on the equipment. While waiting , we happened to look up and spied a tree full… Read More Batty Tree #ThursdayTreeLove


In my garden this evening

This evening I was sitting in the garden just gathering my thoughts when Mrs J walked up. This elegant lady who is more of my MIL’s friend asked about my in laws particularly about my FIL. Soon we were joined by more and more women and before I knew it I had spent three hours… Read More In my garden this evening