Do we as women need to celebrate #Women’s Day?

Yesterday I stumbled upon a video clip exhorting women to #uncelebratewomen’sday. It was very cleverly made and cited several reasons for skipping this ‘event ‘ as it were . And I agree with them . Do we as women need a special day? I also read a remarkable post by Mackenzie Glanville who remarked that… Read More Do we as women need to celebrate #Women’s Day?


What day is it ? #MondayMusings

Whenever I travel from West to East I suffer from jet lag which lasts a year. But it seems this time that I’m suffering from a permanent jet lag. This is largely due to the fact that I spend the major part of the morning making calls back home where everyone is wishing my good… Read More What day is it ? #MondayMusings


Let them eat cake #FlavoursomeTuesdays

An easy to make cake with a hint of vanilla … Read More Let them eat cake #FlavoursomeTuesdays


Snowflakes on Friday #FridayReflections

Inside thoughts that swirl like snowflakes outside … Read More Snowflakes on Friday #FridayReflections

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Why I hate Holi

Reasons why I hate Holi this festival of colour and joy … Read More Why I hate Holi