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Round and Round

I am not alone.I keep telling myself thiswhen I walk around the Race Course.Indeed I am not alone.There are at least a hundred people going round the track : some walking, some talking, some running, some strolling some going clockwise, some otherwisebut all of them are moving.Steadily and slowly, they go round and round.Sometimes they […]

Blogging Blues

Well, after a long gap I’m back! I’m actually confused like Hamlet ” To Blog or not to blog”. It is very disheartening to find that no one visits your blog. I mean there are lots of bloggers on the net but how many of them actually find a fan following that faithfully logs in […]

Image for Motherhood

Remembering Baby Woes

Last night we took a young couple out to dinner. It was supposed to be a business dinner but since the couple’s baby was unwell, the young mother was totally distracted and preoccupied. However, in all fairness to her, she did try to keep the conversation on even keel, talking about her stay in New […]

Image for a guilty press

A Guilty Press

I always feel that the Press is the biggest monster of our time. Larger than life, it literally invades our homes and privacy , leaving us open and completely vulnerable to attack. The ¬†treatment of the Arushi Murder is a case in point. From the minute the poor girl was found dead, her parents and […]

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