Pink Gold Sunset

This is my post for Skywatch Friday. While driving down to Pune last Friday I couldn’t help but admire this beautiful pink gold sky. It seemed there was a fire burning behind the hill in the distance. Last weekend was an extended celebration starting Thursday when we had a family reunion to welcome a new …

Mumbai Diary

Is it Winter or is it not?

I was thrilled to spy the boxes of strawberries tucked away in Shriram’s stall at Breach Candy, for these red fruit generally herald the cold weather or rather the cooler weather that Mumbaikars experience from November to March.  Last week there was a distinct crispness in the air, especially in the morning and it seemed …


Morning has broken

When such a morning has broken.can one doubt the existence of a higher power? From outside my balcony in a post monsoon sky


One year older and none the wiser

For the past one week my city is building up a hype about the anniversary of the blackest day in its history. In keeping with the spirit of things there are already dark clouds settling over the skyscrapers. Getting up before the sun these past few days, I found myself staring out into a thick …


How much would you pay for a dish of fish?

The Fort area of Mumbai has several Mangalorean eateries that serve food typical of the region. For all the working people working these were perfect to grab a quick, affordable meal of fish curry rice or to share office gossip over a glass of “forbidden” alcohol with ones buddies before making the long trek back …