Breakfast with Anna Shetty #FlavoursomeTuesdays

Mothers and daughters are closest, when daughters become mothers. I am one of those lucky ones who has two daughters. While Daughter No.1 lives far away over the ocean, Anna Shetty lives just across the road from me. I meet Anna Shetty every other day if not every day. But surprisingly we hardly ever get… Read More Breakfast with Anna Shetty #FlavoursomeTuesdays


Attack! Attack! Attack!

It’s five before midnight and I’m waiting for the alarm to ring. It was  a rough day. Anna Shetty was in  her usual morning rush  as she passed on Wow Dinga to me,  yelling out a warning ” He’s not well, here’s the Crocin “, and toodled off to anesthetise her first patient for the… Read More Attack! Attack! Attack!


Sunsets in Milan

The fading sun at 8 pm from Piazza Duomo Holidays alas must always come to an end! My brief sojourn in Milan was a bonus holiday busman’s or otherwise. That extra week with my Wow Dinga and Anna Shetty was worth the unbearable heat that we were warned about yet unprepared for. I spent those… Read More Sunsets in Milan


The Tale of a Rat

                                                   I was all set to go to my yoga class when Bayda the Bai showed me a loaf of bread which had been eaten into wax paper and all. I… Read More The Tale of a Rat

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Shopping in the new year

Gudi Padwa, the first day of our lunar calendar is supposed to be a lucky day and it is believed that anything begun on that day will be fruitful and successful. Many people seize the opportunity to start out a business, buy a new home or car , get married or mark the occasion with a… Read More Shopping in the new year