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A Sunday of a hundred colours

Most people are handed down old clothes and old toys. I was handed a box of Crayola . And what made this special ? It was a box of 64 crayons! Sturdy and strong in shades of blue and pink of every hue. With magical names like periwinkle and fuchsia. Since then I’ve been fascinated …

#WordlessWednesday, Photos

Pink Heart #WordlessWednesday

Manish Malhotra’s scintillating installation on Jindal House on Peddar Road . Linking up with Esha on #WordlessWednesday


A fragile beauty #Chihuly exhibition at # NYBG

Chihuly at the NYBG   The  glass sculptures of Dale Chihuly currently exhibited at the New York Botanical Garden literally left me speechless. The fragile beauty of glass contrasting starkly with the verdant parkland will forever be imprinted on my mind. It was a pleasant day, not too hot and a bit cloudy when we set …


Art from Scrap or Scrappy Art?#WYHO

A typical Saturday is spent Mall Crawling. Alas! I’ve finally revealed my deepest, darkest secret – I love Mall Crawling especially  at Phoenix High Street , Parel  because I love soaking in the ambiance that luxury brands exude and the comforting thought that even if I can’t afford Chanel couture, I can at least afford a …


My Monsoon Mumbai

A palm tree seen through many raindrops. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Well, for all those who’ve been grumbling the whole of June that it’s not rained a drop, that it’s hot as hell, that it’s the el Nino effect ( or la Nina I can’t tell the difference between either!!) I hope you guys are happy …