#International Women’s Day

Greetings on Women’s Day… Read More #International Women’s Day


Do we as women need to celebrate #Women’s Day?

Yesterday I stumbled upon a video clip exhorting women to #uncelebratewomen’sday. It was very cleverly made and cited several reasons for skipping this ‘event ‘ as it were . And I agree with them . Do we as women need a special day? I also read a remarkable post by Mackenzie Glanville who remarked that… Read More Do we as women need to celebrate #Women’s Day?


Everyone loves a pity party #FridayReflections

Are you a wino or a whino? A good glass of wine adds to the flavour of the food . If it goes down well, it even improves your mood . You feel a bit fuzzy in the head which is fine if you’re not at the wheel because sometimes you need a little something… Read More Everyone loves a pity party #FridayReflections


Words of a wise parent #WATWB

A positive act of kindness isn’t necessarily one that affects humanity at large . Sharing a positive thought is an act of kindness too . Very often random acts of kindness can be found in ordinary everyday actions like this advice that I read on a BLOG ! I think it deserves a place in… Read More Words of a wise parent #WATWB


Growing old gracefully #MondayMusings

” Ma’am, are you a Senior Citizen ? ” the bank officer would ask me anytime I stepped into the bank to make a deposit “No, but do I look like one ?” I used to retort , extremely offended by this remark. ” No , No ” he would mumble apologetically, ” just you… Read More Growing old gracefully #MondayMusings