A man with a vision #WATWB

Indian trains are a microcosm of our world and even today, especially in the crowded second class compartment of a Mumbai local you can come across beggars and vagrants who try their luck, preying on your sensibilities. “Ma paisa do” says a man tapping a stick . You look at him and realise that he… Read More A man with a vision #WATWB

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Where is Miss Manners?#MondayMusings

“Leave something in your plate ” we were advised while growing up .”For Miss Manners”. Similarly we were advised to give up a chair for an older person. We were encouraged to help someone carry a heavy load and wait your turn patiently in a queue.   We girls had it easy with Miss Manners.… Read More Where is Miss Manners?#MondayMusings


6 C’s of Brilliance – Key to raising a successful child

What is the secret of a child’s brilliance? After a long hiatus of almost a year, the Itinerant Blogger is back on my blog. The past year has seen a lot of changes in her life hence the absence from my blog.  But she is back with a brilliant review of a book that ALL… Read More 6 C’s of Brilliance – Key to raising a successful child


Leaving Geronimo behind #FridayReflections

  Ever since the Black Tom found itself on Makete Street, Sandokan began to act strangely. “It’s Geronimo, I’m sure . He’s come after me again!” “Nonsense”, said Princess ” you’re imagining things. And even if it is , I’m sure he’s changed. Everyone does! ” “Forget it Princess. He’s not going to change. “It’s… Read More Leaving Geronimo behind #FridayReflections