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A to Z Challenge 2017

Uppada- Yet Another Stunner #AtoZChallenge 2017

  The other day I was glancing through an issue of a glossy magazine. Surprisingly,I found that the ladies from the South preferred to wear saris rather than the trousers or Salvar Kurtis. And when I see the rich tradition of the saris from the South, I know why. Contrary to what most people imagine, …

A to Z Challenge 2017

15 Silky Facts I bet you didn’t know about! #AtoZChallenge 2017

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This is the third year I’m participating in the #A to Z Challenge. ┬áMy theme has been ┬áTraditions in Indian Textiles. Today I’m going to share some interesting facts about Silk that I bet you didn’t know about. Silk is a luxury fabric that has played an important part in our Indian textile tradition. After …

A to Z Challenge 2017

Ritu Kumar and the Design Revolution #AtoZChallenge 2017

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[Tweet “Modern Indian designers have redefined Indian textile tradition with a new approach to traditional skills creating fashion with universal appeal.”] A bare bones wardrobe Despite the fact that India has a rich textile heritage, the fashion or couture tradition is fairly new. It may well shock you to know this but the average wardrobe …