#WordlessWednesday, BLOG HOPS & CHALLENGES

Statistical stories #WordlessWednesday

Figures speak more than words … Read More Statistical stories #WordlessWednesday


600 and counting#MondayMusings

Today I’ve reached a number I never imagined I’d ever reach . 600 subscribers  And to think that a few months ago I was actually thinking of giving up my blog . It’s been quite a see-saw of some highs and mostly lows. But on this Monday afternoon I’d like to share some of my… Read More 600 and counting#MondayMusings


#MyFriendAlexa, @Blogchatter and Me

I have been blogging for almost a decade now but being an older blogger and a technophobe I find myself much like Alice in Wonderland. For years I struggled with traffic.Even my friends and family were reluctant visitors . They preferred to read my email rather than actually access my blog . For years I… Read More #MyFriendAlexa, @Blogchatter and Me


Where shall I wander? #UBC Day 3

Goosey goosey Gander Today’s guideline reminds me of the nursery rhyme “Goosey, Goosey Gander, where shall I wander? ” Well, quite clearly I do not want to go to my lady’s chamber . Nor do I want to go upstairs nor downstairs. I actually want my blog to go to dizzy heights! When I started… Read More Where shall I wander? #UBC Day 3

The Ultimate Blog Challenge

Who, why, where and what : Of Blogs & Blogging

Last week I signed up for the month long Ultimate Blog Boost challenge which involves a month of daily blogging . I unfortunately missed the first day’s prompt so today I’m combining the two days into one . The aim of the posts was to introduced ourselves and the blog. Well, here goes Who :… Read More Who, why, where and what : Of Blogs & Blogging