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5 Tips to improve your creative writing on your blog #GuestPost

5 tips that will help you get your creative juices flowing so that you can improve your creative writing on your blog.


The Plane #FridayFotoFiction

Zahan and Kayan loved playing on the rocky beach while their parents snoozed in the shack.  It was exciting scouring for shells and other treasures that were washed ashore among the flotsam. Suddenly Zahan spotted something and ran toward it, his fat feet stepping gingerly on the hot pebbles. “Look Kay! Come quick! See what …

#FridayFotoFiction, BLOG HOPS & CHALLENGES

Sand Dance #FridayFotoFiction

He held out his hand And she grasped at it  tightly while he led her to the sand at the edge of the water where they Danced. As they twirled and they swirled , flung their shoes in the air with wild abandon. Tossed jacket aside, Wind tousled hair and song in their hearts Their …


The Castle by the Sea #FridayFotoFiction

‘Remember that night son?” asked Captain Johnson as we looked up at the castle perched perilously on the rocky cliff above. “We fled for our lives with just the shirts on our backs.” How could I forget that momentous night when he handed me his keys making me sole owner of a property  where my …


Getting ready for bed #FridayReflections

Bahadur’s day as major domo to the cranky Colonel was incomplete . Find out what’s missing.