Alone together #FridayReflections

This is my take on ‘Alone Together ‘ this week’s prompt on #FridayReflections hosted by Corinne and Sanch at EverydayGyaan. Now we are alone together Here we are alone together Sitting holding hands in the twilight of our lives. Once upon a time we were together but never really alone : we had our parents,… Read More Alone together #FridayReflections

LIFESTYLE, Mumbai Diary

In the bathroom one morning

One Saturday morning I stepped into my bath. All lathered up I glanced upon A little cockroach Swiftly scampering past . He seemed quite harmless I thought As it climbed down the wall. Then as it came closer A scream froze in my throat. A shout from me would have the household come running to… Read More In the bathroom one morning


Goodbye is just another word

  Desiree Fernandes that’s me . Much desired by my parents Agnelo and Marietta originally from Saligaon but officially from “The Nest”, 12/4 Colaba Post Office, Colaba,  Mumbai 400005 . At least that’s what is recorded on my parents’ Ration Card. So how did a young couple from Saligaon land up in the southern most… Read More Goodbye is just another word


Waking up to another day


Catching Stardust #100WordsonSaturday

One man’s meat is another man’s poison. We react to the same prompt rather differently. This is my reaction to this week’s #100 Words on Saturday  where you’ll find interesting responses to this picture prompt. In a dark and moonless sky when the stars shine bright as day, Or when they hide behind the clouds It’s time… Read More Catching Stardust #100WordsonSaturday