Shaggy dog tale #FlavoursomeTuesday

Before you start yawning at the the prospect of going through a long winded story, let me assure you that this is a shaggy dog story of a completely different kind . Firstly, it is not very long winded. Secondly, it is not very funny. At least to me. So let’s start at the beginning. I… Read More Shaggy dog tale #FlavoursomeTuesday

#WordlessWednesday, BLOG HOPS & CHALLENGES


The family was enjoying a celebratory lunch in the garden when the family dog decided that she needed to be part of the party too! We were speechless as she downed the glass of gin and tonic that someone had left down . Joining Esha on #WordlessWednesday.


A dearly missed pet – Day 6 WTFOW#5

A pet of a dog Dogs are a man’s best friend and a universally accepted  common pet. We’ve always had a pet at home while growing up and it helped us keep out of mischief. It also instilled a sense of responsibility and companionship since we were a small nuclear family. Uncle Joe, my dad’s… Read More A dearly missed pet – Day 6 WTFOW#5