Order in when Bai is Out.

Well today is May Day and if you are in ┬áBombay it is quite likely that your trusty Bai or maid is wishing you “bye for the holidays” or will wish you so shortly.May is when the whole city of Mumbai is on vacation….not surprising since it is supposed to be a city of migrants… Read More Order in when Bai is Out.

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Hot Jalebis for Dussera

Every Dussera I try to visit the temple and since the traffic in Mumbai is getting more and more impossible, I find myself going earlier and earlier. My house is very conveniently located with Mahalaxmi at one end and a quaint little private temple at the other. For many years I used to visit the… Read More Hot Jalebis for Dussera


Breakfast in Matunga

Cafe Madras – situated in one of the bye lanes of leafy Matunga, Cafe Madras retains its old name and old charm. At 10 minutes to 7 there were four of us waiting to go inside and 10 minutes later there was not a seat to sit! This delightful eatery is popular with students and… Read More Breakfast in Matunga


Fly lice and noodles

Last night we went to China Garden after a long, long time. And finally after a long, long time I had a great dinner. Our guest that evening was a fine young lady who was spending a few hours with us before leaving for the airport. Luckily our regular waiter wasn’t around so we had the… Read More Fly lice and noodles


Chinese, Japanese or Salwar Kameez

Our guest from Pakistan wanted to honour Anna Shetty and her husband at the best restaurant in town so we chose Neel for dinner last night. Formerly known as Tote-on-the-Turf, Neel serves exclusive Nawabi khana in a place once known for its fine European dining. Alas ! Indian palates normally equate European cuisine with Pasta smothered in cheese… Read More Chinese, Japanese or Salwar Kameez