And you remain invincible #FridayFotoFiction

I’ve often wondered what it was about you that inspired men to wage bloody wars. Were you made of  metal so precious that made human life worthless? Over the centuries you watched several fierce battles waged to possess you . Battles fought with bows and arrows and  fire power. Men said that owning you would… Read More And you remain invincible #FridayFotoFiction


Love Birds in waiting #FridayFotoFiction Week 9

Love Birds in waiting “Oh no! It’s not yet time.  Another hour before she comes home from school. She must let us out before her mother comes home.” “Patience dear, I’m sure she’ll come. After all she hates birds.” “Then why did she let us into her home in the first place?” “Some silly grown… Read More Love Birds in waiting #FridayFotoFiction Week 9